Blaine and Simple

like dirt beneath her nails

she has me

and she knows it.

knew a few things before me

despite the Right town, silently 

stuck in the small universe.

on the come down,

my bones ache like the Guitar’s neck.

strung out but kept in check

by molten lips scorching every inch of

painted flesh.

burn with me, gal.

Toss and turn with me

cross the sky any time of night

if you have to go, 

return to me.

My new sounds:

For a lot of things.

Message me?

New Song!!

I shall post a new song in a few! Let me know whatcha think!

look up

sterilize your eyes

medicate Night,

with the right kind of love,

the wrong state of mind,

and time

I'm Sorry.

For what?

Talk to me! 

I want to know you